"Office High Quality"

We are honoured to present you professional office furniture systems which include 500 elements necessary for furnishing of :
- modern office whose workers use computers,
- specialistic office whose workers use computer positions such as DTP, geodetic, CAD/CAM, etc.
- traditional office, secretary's office, conference room, reception...

We manufacture three systems of office furniture:

·        "BASIC"- furniture made of chipboards

·        "SLANT"- furniture with slanting constructions, which are made of steel

·        "VERTIC"- furniture with vertical constructions, which are made of steel

The luxury system of office furniture marked with the symbol xx-6xx is characterized by 600 mm deep table tops which are made of postforming plate 28mm or 25mm thick. The high quality office furniture system marked xx-7xx is characterized by 700 mm deep table tops made of plates which are 18 mm thick. The high quality office furniture system marked "VERTIC" and "BASIC" characterized by 600mm, 700mm, 800mm deep table tops made of plates which are 18 mm, 25mm, 28mm, 36mm, 48mm thick.



They include such well proved elements as :
- keyboard shelf pulled out on ball slides equipped with an element convenient for a user's wrists, which effectively eliminates the possibility of exsistence of RSI injury ( Resistive Strain Injury, which is an ailment caused by recurrent effort connected with the work with computer keyboard)
- tables for computers, printers and desks with cable passage
- the layout of shelves on the internal and exterior side of the table make it easy for the furniture to fit to every type of computer casing. We have also forseen a special place for the printers. The place is selected according to the type and size of a printer
- the office furniture which belongs to the system can be joined in any production system of bureau production technology
- computer tables have the certification nr 3/93 given by the Institute of Work Medicine, which let it function in work places
- furniture for computers, printers, as well as desks have exceptionally stable structure, which is a result of genuine construction designed in our factory and reserved in the Polish Patent Office

The office furniture, tables for computers and printers are predominantly white, grey and black, namely:
- white table tops with grey borders made of hard PCV# 2 mm or 0,6 mm, made by "REHAU".
- constructions made of steel, painted black ( powder paint with so called fine texture)
Similarly wardrobes, booksvelves, cointainers and turrets are made of white laminated board (melamine) with grey PCV borders. We use hinges and guides made by "GRASS" firm to produce them.

We can also produce furniture in different colours if the client wishes so.

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With kind regards,

in¿. Krzysztof Dominikowski


"OHQ"-SYSTEMY BIUROWE in¿. Krzysztof Dominikowski
ul. Lelewela 16c
87-101 Toruñ Poland
Tel./fax.: +48 (0) 56 / 655-11-36
e-mail: biuro@ohq-meble.torun.pl

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